Local heritage groups

The project has established two volunteer groups, one in Nidderdale AONB and one in Leeds.

The Nidderdale AONB volunteer group

The AONB volunteer group has been researching the impact of the First World War on the landscape and communities of Nidderdale.

Volunteer researchers from the Nidderdale area have produced a searchable database of the names of service men and women from the area, building on family and social history research expertise within the group. The volunteers have also contributed to a number of ‘bring and tell’ research events for the project.

The Nidderdale AONB volunteers also undertook a pilot study to assess the impact of the First World War on the landscape of Niddderdale using farm survey and land valuation records.

The Leeds Pals volunteer group

The Leeds volunteer group has completed extensive research on the Leeds Pals battalion and their links to Nidderdale. In partnership with Leeds Museums and Galleries, the group has researched items that are connected with the Leeds Pals and other battalions, compiled a research blog about the Leeds Pals, and researched places within the city of Leeds associated with the Leeds Pals. A Leeds Pals trail has been put together for people who would like to visit some of these places.

The research completed by the Leeds volunteer group has also contributed to the Council of British Archaeology’s Physical Legacies of the First World War project.

The group included students from Universities in Leeds, members of local history groups and other lifelong learners. The work was also supported by placement students from the University of York, one of the project partners.

Other heritage groups involved in our project

The Pott and Agill study group have also been involved in research, especially focusing on Colsterdale's First World War landscape. The group has undertaken archaeological survey training sessions as part of the project and contributed their local expertise to the University of York research project at Breary banks. 

We are also grateful to the contribution made by the Friends of Lawnswood Cemetery, who have supported project events and activities relating to the Leeds Pals. The project has been able to collaborate with The Making of Mashamshire in our work with local schools.