Our Place and the First World War


Resources and guidance to run a pupil-led investigative First World War Local History project on the areas around your school.


The ‘Nidderdale AONB and the First World War’ Project is a three-year local heritage project looking at the impact of the First World War on the area. The Making of Mashamshire (MOM) is a community heritage project committed to protecting, exploring and celebrating the unique heritage of our area www.mashamhistory.com through a combination of education and community based activities. In June 2014 MOM ran a week of activities with Masham Primary School KS2 (funded by the HLF) exploring the way of life in Masham just before the outbreak of war in 1910-1913.

In November 2014 “Our Place” Joint School Activity Day with the AONB and three primary schools from across the AONB was a fun and interactive taster to First World War local history detection for staff and pupils, following on from our experience in Masham of working with local history resources available from the period just before the First World War.

Learning Objectives of the day were to;

1. explore the way of life in Nidderdale just before the outbreak of war (1910-1913)

2. contrast with findings from the wider AONB FWW project about life after the outbreak of war

3. develop historical enquiry and research skills within a “live” project that could be carried back to a school project

4. understand how to interpret a range of sources including interviewing local “experts”, maps, objects, museum archive and online sources

5. For staff – a CPD on making the most of the local history element within the new History Curriculum


In the galleries you can see how we used buildings, experts and sources to help us answer our historical enquiry.

On the Helpful Downloads page are a few resources that can help you to run similar activities including tips on running building walks in your area, example building walks, example risk assessments and sources of support.

To help with your curriculum planning, at the bottom of this page are Expectations of pupil progress after similar study and a downloadable table of the Skills, Themes and Sources that are explored in local history studies.


Expectations at the end of this unit

most pupils will:

Recognise key buildings and features in a place and know that the locality has changed over time; demonstrate factual knowledge and understanding about life pre / during WW1 and about some of the main events and people linked to the area; recognise some of the similarities and differences in living conditions at different times in the area; ask and answer questions and make deductions about the area by using historical sources in a variety of ways

some pupils will not have made so much progress and will:

understand that their area was different in the past; make some comparisons between their area in the past and today; begin to ask and answer questions about the local area

some pupils will have progressed further and will:

describe and compare features of the local area and identify changes within and across the periods; select and combine information from several sources to find out about aspects of the past in the locality

Helpful Downloads