Schools First World War resource


The ‘Nidderdale AONB and the First World War’ Project collaborated with The Making of Mashamshire to create a First World War research toolkit for local schools.

The Making of Mashamshire (MOM) is a community heritage project committed to protecting, exploring and celebrating the unique heritage of our area through a combination of education and community based activities. In June 2014 MOM ran a week of activities with Masham Primary School KS2 (funded by the HLF) exploring the way of life in Masham just before the outbreak of war in 1910-1913.

In November 2014 “Our Place” Joint School Activity Day with the AONB and three primary schools from across the AONB was a fun and interactive taster to First World War local history detection for staff and pupils.

Click here to download our materials for schools.

Learning Objectives of the day were to:

  1. Explore the way of life in Nidderdale just before the outbreak of war (1910-1913)
  2. Contrast with findings from the wider AONB FWW project about life after the outbreak of war
  3. Develop historical enquiry and research skills within a “live” project that could be carried back to a school project
  4. Understand how to interpret a range of sources including interviewing local “experts”, maps, objects, museum archive and online sources
  5. For staff – a CPD on making the most of the local history element within the new History Curriculum