Visit Colsterdale and Leeds

What was it really like in a First World War training camp in Colsterdale? What did the German Officer Prisoners of War do to keep themselves occupied during their time at Colsterdale Prison Camp? What kind of places were the Leeds Pals recruited from? You can find out here about visiting Colsterdale in Nidderdale AONB and the Leeds Pals trail in Leeds. You may also be interested in visiting one or more of the Leeds cemeteries in which the Leeds Pals Battalion are remembered.

Through visiting you can learn more about the experience and stories of the men and women involved in the First World War, see where they lived and trained, and how the War left its marks on the landscape of Colsterdale. Colsterdale is also a place of 'intangible heritage': a place that inspires reflection - you may wish to take the opportunity when you visit to commemorate 'the War to end all Wars'.